Nicola & Nick // A Wedding Story

December is always one of those months that I love shooting weddings. It's always a crazy gamble because it could be absolutely perfect, or it can be a crazy fiasco of tumultuous freezing cold accompanied by snow. And in Texas, one tiny piece of sleet means the whole state shuts down. 

But not for Nicola and Nick, who had an amazing wedding in Dallas. The weather was great, as were all of the details to the food. Nicola and the ladies got all decked out at the Westin downtown and the guys finished up at the church, which was the beautiful Highland Park United Methodist Church, in the Cox Chapel. It's a gorgeous chapel, with illustrious stained glass and the soft light that all photographers love. Gilley's Southside Ballroom hosted their awesome reception, and the amazing scenery to boot. But enough of me rambling on!

On to the photos...

Big shout out to my bud Daniel Poe for shooting this wedding with me! 

Congratulations Nicola and Nick!!!

Chance Reaves